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Waterfront Park, Medical Lake WA


Sorry for the inconvenience. These events need registration sign up's to ensure that we can meet our costs and offer a quality event to all of our participants. We'll see what 2018 brings and thanks to those of you who did sign up. 

WELCOME to our new event, TRI and DU IT! We are the only triathlon in the country that raises awareness and donates funds for osteoporosis research and education.  We are grateful to be partnering with Spokane Osteoporosis and the Washington Osteoporosis Coalition (W.O.C.), providing free bone density screenings at the event for participants and spectators (men and women). We provide information and educational materials regarding the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of osteoporosis AND you get one-on-one time with Dr. Lynn Kohlmeier and her event staff, leaders in osteoporosis prevention and education. 

Part of our bone health weekend also features the "Strides For Strong Bones" 3 & 6 mile Fun Run & Walk on Saturday, July 29th. Both events are located at the scenic Medical Lake, Waterfront Park venue so come out and enjoy the weekend AND make strides for YOUR strong bones!

Lastly, we support our local community of Medical Lake, WA by collecting food donations for the Medical Lake Food Bank. Each year we collect several hundred pounds of much needed food and products.

Thanks and have a great time! 

Triathlon and Duathlon