• Starting at 6:00 am until 7:30 am.
  • All competitors must walk or ride their bike into the transition area (Waterfront Park) the morning of the race. 
  • Competitors must arrive in the transition area before 7:30 am. The entrance to the park closes at 7:30 am. Please make sure your bike frame number is mounted on your bike when you arrive at transition. 
  • Body Marking is done in the transition area from 6:00 am until 7:30 am. Please do not use sunscreen or vaseline before you get body marked. Your race number will go on both upper arms and your age will be marked on your left calf. Teams will be marked with a T on the left calf. 
  • Bike Placement in the transition area - Men, Women and Teams will be racked in different areas. Participants should look for their age group signs and TEAMS should look for the team area signs. 
  • Please do not move other participant belongings, this is improper etiquette. 
  • Don't forget your helmet (mandatory) and timing chip on race day!
  • Race Day Event Contact:
    • Marla Emde 509-953-9924
  • Bike Check out from the transition area will begin when all participants are finished with the bike leg of the triathlon. Security will be checking out bikes. 

Post Race Fun Stuff...

Custom finisher medals for all participants, festive music,  FREE Bone Density Screenings...and recovery lounge extra's!


CHIP TIMING:  Nomadzracing.com is the official timing company for this event. Timing chips will be issued to you at packet pickup on Friday or Saturday.  MyLaps Multisport Tags are disposable chips.

  • Chip timing will capture your overall finish time as well as your splits (swim, T1, bike, T2, run OR run, T1, bike, T2, run). You must wear your timing chip at all times. Please do not forget your timing chips.
  • If you drop out of the race at any time, please stop by the Nomadz Timing van and let them know. If you lose your timing chip at any time, please let race personnel know.
  • If you find your results are incorrect or have questions, please go to the NomadzRacing.com van at the finish line to review the situation. It's much easier to make things right at the race site rather than a few days later.
  • Relay Teams will be issued only one chip and will be handed off from one person to the next and wear on the left ankle. Velcro will facilitate putting the ankle chip on and off.  

Race Day Information:


  • All competitors must wear assigned colored swim caps. Do not switch cap colors and timing chips and make sure your cap color is correct at packet pick up. 
  • Wetsuits may be prohibited if water temps rise past 84 degrees AND ambient temperatures are also hot. The final determination on allowing wetsuits is made on race day. 
  • No fins, paddles, bouys or floatation devices allowed. Goggles, snorkels or face masks may be worn.
  • The swim is counter clockwise. Stay to the right of the bouys.
  • There will be 5 minutes between wave starts.
  • DUATHLON Start -  8:00 am Individuals and Du RelayTeams
  • Triathlon MEN Start - 8:10 am Individuals 
  • Triathlon RELAY TEAMS - 8:20 am (men, women, mixed)
  • Triathlon WOMEN Start - 8:25, 8:30 am  Individuals