• Always pass on the left of the cyclist ahead of you, just like a car. Never pass on the right and always communicate to those you are passing...”on your left” is a great way to let someone know of your pass.
  • Portable music devices, MP3 or earbuds/headphones are NOT allowed at any time during this race. This is a safety issue for not only the athlete but to your fellow athletes. Please do not use these devices as they don’t allow you to hear fellow riders, cars or potentially serious situations.
  • BIKE COURSE: The bike course is not a closed course and you must always be heads up to traffic and obey traffic laws. Please be aware of drivers that may be passing you on the course. Stay to the right of the roadway except for passing other participants on the left—but do so only when you’ve looked behind for oncoming traffic and it is safe to pass. PLEASE BE RESPONSIBLE, we must follow the rules of the road.
  • RUN COURSE: Stay to the right of the cones on the roadways. We utilize trails, bike lanes and wide shoulders but the run course is open to auto traffic on the east side of the lake. Stay heads up!
  • HELMETS ARE REQUIRED to race. Please do not forget your helmet the morning of the race. Certified cycling helmets are required, check for the sticker on the inside of the helmet. Helmets should be securely fastened at all times as you leave the transition area and return to the transition area from the bike leg of the triathlon. Please wear your helmet when riding and arriving in the park on race day.
  • BICYCLE DISMOUNT AND MOUNT AREA. You may not ride your bike through any part of the transition area. Athletes must walk or run with their bicycle to the mount and dismount bicycle area located near the entrance road of the park. HOT TIP! The bike “mounting” area is slightly uphill so make sure you have shifted into an easy enough gear to start up the hill. The bike “dismount” is downhill in to the park. Use caution and SLOW DOWN before you make the final left turn in to the park entrance road. You must stop quickly at the bottom of the hill. Make sure you are in control as you stop at the bottom of the hill. You must dismount at the bottom of the hill on the pavement marked "dismount area". 
  • LITTERING. No littering at any time on the bike, run or in the transition area. Within the water/aid stations you may throw your cups but there are garbage cans that you can dispose of your cups as you exit the water station areas as well. Help out our volunteers as much as possible. Thank you.
  • OUTSIDE ASSISTANCE PROHIBITED. You may not take outside assistance from friends or family riding or running next to you. Please no extra vehicles out on the roadways, they are already crowded enough.
  • DRAFTING is illegal. Taking pace from another bicycle or car is not allowed at any time. We understand that sometimes it is hard to avoid. Do not take pace from another rider ahead of you. You must leave 7 meters or 4 bike lengths from the rider in front of you. If you are overtaken, it is your responsibility to drop back 7 meters to avoid this situation. Complete your passing quickly in order to avoid drafting penalties.Drafting penalties will be 2 minutes per offense.
  • Outside mechanical support may only be provided by The Bike Hub or race officials. Ultimately, you are responsible for your own roadside repairs. We try our best to assist with all repairs on the bike course. Please be patient as we may be assisting others before we arrive at your location.
  • CONDUCT. Always show sports-like conduct! Be courteous and and helpful to your fellow competitors. Stay to the right of the roadways on the bicycle when ever possible. 

Give a shout out to all of the amazing volunteers out on the course. They are donating their morning to make sure you have a safe and positive race.